Beaufort Ladies Bowls

Hello, my name is Peggy Thomas and I have been a Beaufort Bowler for 19 years. I joined the ladies team in 2001 where I was welcomed with open arms.

Beaufort Ladies Bowls EventBeaufort Ladies Bowls have been together since 1986, we love our bowling but we also have a social life; going out for meals, shows and charity work too. We have a lovely clubhouse which we are all very proud of.

We play league matches on a Tuesday which is an evening league starts at 6pm and Thursday is an afternoon league starting at 2.30pm we also hold competitions and some members play for our county Pen-y-glyn . We have 19 members at present 5 of which are new members. We are always on the lookout for new ladies and would love to hear from you if you would like to join us. You would receive a very warm welcome.

This year we have been asked to host the Savagar cup, super 10 and Patrons day this is a great honour for us as a club .

Peggy Thomas Secretary